8393 Creative Launches Nonprofit Organization to Empower Youth Creative Thinkers

Yep We Design

Von Watts, President

8393 Creative Launches Nonprofit Organization to Empower Youth Creative Thinkers
YEP We Design Foundation opens programs to impact and empower youth through creativity, character building, and entrepreneurship.

Indianapolis, Feb. 17, 2020 – Today marks the official public launch of YEP We Design Foundation Inc. YEP We Design was founded in Oct. of 2019 by Von and Latasha Watts.

YEP We Design Foundation’s mission is to empower and impact our youth through creativity, character building, and entrepreneurship. YEP We Design will accomplish its mission through three main Youth Empowered Programs (YEP).

The three programs consist of:

Yep We Design

Yep we design is a creative and digital marketing learning program. During this program youth will learn the fundamentals of design, collaboration, marketing strategies, and how to use creative thinking to solve problems.  Youth will also learn the basics of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and they’ll also explore the basics of videography, web development, and photography. Youth will also have the opportunity to work on local projects for real clients to create branding, and digital marketing campaigns.

Youth Development

Our Youth Development program gives youth the opportunity to learn entrepreneurship, business, and financial skills. During this program youth will learn how to start, manage, market, and promote their own business.

Dare To Be You

In a world of social media where many struggle to be themselves and experience cyber bullying, our Dare To Be You program empowers youth to find their true self, love themselves, boost their confidence, and encourages independence. During this program youth will learn how to embrace their individuality, how to remain confident with who they are, and learn how to set and accomplish goals.

“ Did you know that Since 2008, more than 80% of schools nationwide have experienced cuts to their budgets. These budget cuts are forcing schools to choose what is most important to their student’s education. For example, during the 1999-2000 school year, 20% of schools offered dance and theatre classes, and 87% of schools offered visual arts classes.</p> <p>One very important question being asked by many; why are the funds being cut to begin with? When the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB Act) was passed, it put more focus in schools on core subjects like math and reading. Because of the focus on these subjects, schools are forwarding more money to the areas that require standardized testing in order to keep the scores high. The NCLB Act caused schools to focus on grades and test scores, while pushing the funds to keep those numbers high, arts classes that required schools to purchase supplies for students were cut first, leading to a huge drop in arts opportunities in schools.”

YEP We Design Foundation has already received two great partnerships with two great organizations, to start next month with the first program. YEP We Design Foundation is excited and looking forward to working with the youth in our community.

More information about YEP We Design Partnerships is expected to be released during the next couple of weeks.

Yep We Design Foundation is dedicated to providing the tools for our youth to be successful, creative thinkers, and problem solvers. Visit yepwedesign.org for further information.

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