Yep We Design

Yep we design is a creative and digital marketing learning program. During this program youth will learn the fundamentals of design, collaboration, marketing strategies, and how to use creative thinking to solve problems. Youth will also learn the basics of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and they’ll also explore the basics of videography, web development, and photography. Youth will also have the opportunity to work on local projects for real clients to create branding, and digital marketing campaigns.

Youth Development

Our Youth Development program gives youth the opportunity to learn entrepreneurship, business, and financial skills. During this program youth will learn how to start, manage, market, and promote their own business.

Dare To Be You

In a world of social media where many struggle to be themselves and experience cyber bullying, our Dare To Be You program empowers youth to find their true self, love themselves, boost their confidence, and encourages independence. During this program youth will learn how to embrace their individuality, how to remain confident with who they are, and learn how to set and accomplish goals.