Who We Are

Our mission is to empower, engage and impact undeserved youth ages 8-18 through creativity, character building, and entrepreneurship.

We’re dedicated to providing the tools for our youth to be successful, creative thinkers, and problem solvers.

Our Story

Von and Latasha Watts founded the Yep We Design Foundation in 2019. Co-Founder Von Watts developed a passion for art and design upon moving from Florida to Indianapolis. Being moved from her family, and friends was a very traumatic time in her life. Upon moving to Indianapolis, and getting settled in, Von experienced bullying for the first time, which added the trauma.

To escape everything that had happened and the now bullying, she turned to art, sports, and music. That passion for art was discovered during her 6th grade year of elementary. It has stuck with her ever since and during her Junior high and high school years, she made sure all electives involved some type of art, rather it be photography, visual communications, even ceramics, she kept herself involved in the arts.

Although Von kept herself busy during school hours, after school is where she really needed that escape. She didn’t have access to the tools she had in school at home such as software, and certain industry colored/drawing pencils, paints, and mentorship.

I often imagine if I had access to my creative tools, and software outside of school how my skills would have been before I graduated.

Not having the access after school to the tools and mentorship Von wanted, was the main motivation to start the Yep We Design Foundation. One of the main points of our mission is to provide our youth with tools they need to be successful creative thinkers, and that’s where the story of Yep We Design starts…

Our Mission Impacting Our Youth Through


Learning the fundamentals of design, collaboration, marketing strategies, and how to use creative thinking to solve problems.

Character Building

Empowering youth to embrace their individuality, remain confident with who they are, and learn how to set and accomplish goals.


Giving youth the opportunity to learn entrepreneurship, business, and financial skills. Learning how to start, manage, market, and promote their own business.